Cambodian Police Raid Seven Illegal Gambling Operations

Casinos there charge residents who wish to enter a casino a cover fee of about $80 per day. Cambodians are passionate about gambling and betting takes place on almost every competitive event, with cockfighting, boat racing and kickboxing all attracting wagers on a regular basis. However, as it stands most forms of gambling in Cambodia is officially illegal under the Kram legislation which was implemented in 1996. The paper stated that gambling of all kinds throughout the whole Kingdom of Cambodia would be strictly prohibited unless permitted by the Royal government.

It is something that the children grow up watching other family members play. The fact gambling is a forbidden act, yet one is showing enough courage to do it, feeds the ego. Though in Christianity, the largest religious sect of the world, didn’t specifically mention gambling. It only mentions that it is more essential to love God and people than to chase money. It suggests that gambling should not be prioritized in the same way that addicts do.

gambling in cambodia

Instead, it is argued that greater governmental oversight and professional help for those addicted to gambling is the way to go when dealing with the pitfalls of gambling. With these strategies, even the most addicted players can reduce their desire to gamble. Secondly, gambling should only be undertaken with registered, licensed platforms, be they physical or offline. Not only this protects one’s money, but it also ensures that one does not fall into any traps or scams. Founded in 2005, and based in San Francisco, with offices in Bangkok, Nairobi, Portland and staff around the globe.

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In the case of the local teacher, he has taken more workloads to repay his loan once the ban on online gambling was in effect, which has left his condo renting business without tenants. More than 800 restaurants have been closed, and about 80% of daily orders fell. Some restaurants resisted the shutdown although this has plummeted their monthly income.

gambling in cambodia

It is at least as old as the 6th century BCE when Buddhism was established. All of the kingdom’s casinos had been ordered to suspend operations between April and August last year as a measure to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Kang, the casino owner, is from Guangzhou, one of China’s biggest and most-developed cities. But he is convinced his future is on the dusty streets of Sihanoukville despite his casino losing money since November. Their arrival brought money and jobs – and now their sudden absence is causing problems. The casinos have reshaped the city’s landscape so frequently that locals struggle to recognize it.

Cambodian gambling

Additionally, they face no risk of being raided and shut down by Cambodian police because they have no physical presence in the country. It is rare to find Khmer language betting websites based out of other nations. You may also occasionally encounter local gaming websites based out of Cambodia. I would not recommend playing at local sites due to a lack of regulation and their quasi-legal status. Some local Cambodian betting websites have been raided by the police in the past.

  • This development of local infrastructure was hoped to attract more investment through the link of the Belt and Road Initiative .
  • Travel restrictions imposed in recent weeks to slow the global coronavirus pandemic have deepened the effects of a ban last year on lucrative online gambling.
  • But on religious grounds, gambling was not considered a sin when done for recreation.
  • A foreign passport is required to enter a casino in Cambodia, providing a loophole that allows the many urban Cambodians with dual citizenship to legally gamble.

Cambodians are forbidden from gambling in their own country, and most of the service jobs in the casinos go to Mandarin speakers. Chinese investment has transformed the once-sleepy seaside town of Sihanoukville into a casino mecca in just a few years. The speed of change has overwhelmed many of the locals, who are largely excluded from the industry.

The Cambodian operators can thank the governments of neighbouring countries for the money they do make. Communist Vietnam enforces a ban against its own citizens gambling at home, which naturally pushes its punters over to Cambodia, where their money is welcome. And for a parallel reason, conservative Buddhist clergy have forbidden gambling houses from Thailand and Myanmar. Despite the laws which prohibit Cambodian citizens from betting, there are a number of government regulated casinos available to foreign citizens in Cambodia. Resorts which offer gambling facilities are typically located near the borders and attract Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai customers. The town of Poipet, situated just over the Thai/Cambodian border, offers a haven for punters from Thailand who are unable to legally enter casinos in their own country.

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